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Australia, known as the “Land Down Under” is the smallest continent and the largest countries in the world which extends upto 4000 kms from east to west and 3200 kms from northeast to southeast. Even though it’s known as “Land Down Under'' which derives from the country's position in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s up above all the other countries in the world when it comes to its culture and quality of living. The coffee culture in Melbourne, to some of the best beaches and best wines in the world, Australia is often quoted as a magical place on earth.

Australia is also known for its staggering contrasts and spectacular beauty. You would get to explore vast and islands, vibrant multicultural cities and rugged national parks and is always on everyone’s bucket lists. Not only tourists but Australia has also been attractive to a lot of immigrants for the past years. Moreover, BBC ranked Australia as one of the best countries to live in the world by international comparisons of wealth, education, health and quality of life. Another reason for the continued influx of immigrants is that the visa application processes are quite easy. Australian immigration is conceivable dependent on abilities, work insight and capability. While the economy of Australia has always been resilient and expanding, it has often struggled to meet its need for skilled workers. Australian immigration strategies have developed over those a long time from focusing on drawing in transients, essentially from the United Kingdom, to expand Australia's populace to an attention on drawing in specialists and temporary migrants to meet the talented work needs of the economy. This creates excellent opportunities for skilled immigrants.

Furthermore, the climate of Australia is generally pleasant and mild. Towards the north, summers are quite hot and humid and winters are warm and dry. The southern parts are comparatively cooler with mild summers and cool winters. In summer average temperatures range from 20°C/68°F and 35°C/95°F. In winter, the average temperature range is 3°C/37°F to 20°C/68°F. Spring and autumn have warm days and cool evenings. Rainfall varies dramatically from year to year, but the annual average is around 286mm. These climatic conditions is another factor that paves the way for an increase in Australian immigration.

Vast career opportunities: Growing demand for skilled personnel.

Quality of Life : plenty of fresh air and low pollution levels.

Multicultural Society : Community groups are strong and lively.

Security : Low crime rates compared to many parts of the world.

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