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United Kingdom

UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the formal name of the sovereign state governed by Parliament in London. The United Kingdom is popular for its cultural inheritance with tons of forms of globally recognized cultural pursuits. With 50+ tourist attractions like the National Museum of Scotland, Stonehenge at Wiltshire, Brighton Palace Pier, Brighton and a lot more world class museums, historical monuments, family-friendly outings and cutting edge art and media installations makes the UK one of the beautiful places to live in.

Not only is the UK the best in it’s looks but it’s also the sixth largest national economy in the world. The United Kingdom has a fiercely independent economy with a freedom score of 79.3 making it the seventh freest in the 2020 index. The economy has been continually climbing the ranks of mostly free within the past five years.

Recent studies have ranked the UK at the fifth place for the quality of life that it offers. North Warwickshire, Guildford, Swinton, Litchfield, Suffolk Coastal, York, are just a few out of many places in the UK which offer the best quality of life in the UK according to Halifax Quality of Life Survey. The migrant population of the UK is mostly in London with about 35% of the population being migrants living in London. The public attitudes towards immigrants are on the whole, vastly positive like that of other developed nations.

Climate of United Kingdom is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and is basically temperate and humid. The temperature differences between winter and summer is relatively small. The weather, however, changes from day to day or even on the same day.

People from all over the world live here and there are a lot of international communities thus making it feel like home to many immigrants. The cultural and social norms here are very open and accepting and there are laws to protect each and everyone from any kind of discrimination. The most important thing is finding the top UK immigration agent to kick start your immigration dreams without hassles.

UK is full of beauty, history, culture and incredible architecture that spans further out than any other place in the world. Every corner of the country has some hidden history and beauty and all it takes is a mind that wants to explore.

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Quality of Life : One of the best in the world

Climate : UK has  a temperate climate

Career Opportunities : Topmost choice for international students

Culture : Open and accepting

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