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Who We Are?

Fortune Immigration and Education is a NZ Immigration and education specialist firm. We can assist you with releavant category of visa application. We provide comprehensive short and long term international immigration and education solutions for people who want to settle, visit, work or study in NZ.

Mr. Joice M. Jose, the Director of Fortune Immigration and Education is a legally approved Licensed Immigration Adviser by the Immigration Advisers Authority, NZ.

We provide a vast amount of knowledge to our clients on various immigration policies and other relevant information that is required to work, visit, study or migrate. We undertake the work through tailored processes designed to meet the client’s special requirements that is relevant to their particular circumstances.

We pride ourselves on applying a specific strategy that guarantees the best chance of visa approval for our clients. We always assess our work to strengthen the quality of our service for our clients.

Choose the right person to assist you with a visa application. If your visa is denied, your planned trip can be cancelled and the process to reapply may need lots of money and time.

Our Visa application service involves:

    We assure you personalized and dedicated service

    We provide you with accurate information

    We give you the correct checklist and application forms

    We work with you in each and every step of the application process

    We assist you in booking a medical examination

    We check the application thoroughly before submission.


Lead by officially licensed immigration adviser

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