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Australia has extended its travel ban until December 2021. The country is taking precautions for the Christmas reopening in 2021 and restricting the travellers for the time’s sake and hopes to re-open soon for foreign countries.

New Zealand is planning to re-open its borders gradually from early 2022. The country is waiting to reconnect with the world and expecting to create three different pathways depending on the individual`s vaccination status as well as considering the country from which he/ she travels. New Zealand aims for quarantine free travel to double jammed people from the low-risk countries, and a managed period of self-isolation for those people from the medium-risk countries and people from the high-risk country have to face two weeks quarantine. Legislation and policy about immigration in Australia and New Zealand change quite often. Please make sure that you check the website of Immigration New Zealand for changes that may be applicable to the policies of New Zealand and the website of the Department of Home Affairs for changes that may be applicable to the policies of Australia.

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