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Frequently Asked Questions

Mr. Joice M. Jose, the Director of Fortune Immigration and Education is a legally approved Licensed Immigration Adviser by the Immigration Advisers Authority, NZ. Contact him anytime for any query you have.

  • What is the age limit for an applicant for skilled migration?
    The age of the principle applicant for skilled migration is different for each and every country.
  • What is meant by IELTS?
    IELTS is an international examination with exam centres in most of the cities all over the world. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. Most of the English speaking countries accept IELTS test report as evidence of an applicant’s proficiency in English. The test report is valid for two years from the date of test.
  • Can bring my pet/s abroad with me?
    You have to make sure that you have followed correct procedure if you bring your pet/s with you. You may bring only cats and dogs to most of the countries. For more information, please contact the relevant department of the country where you are going to.
  • Who is the principal applicant for a visa?
    Principal applicant is the person who applies for visa. A principal applicant may include his/her family member/s if they meet requirements for that particular visa or residence.
  • How much time will it take to process my application?
    The processing time depends upon several factors like the type of visa, current work load at the immigration office where you lodge application, fulfilment of requirements for that particular visa etc.
  • How can I open a bank account overseas?
    You can apply for a bank account by providing proof of personal identification, eg: your passport.
  • How can I assess my overseas qualification?
    The qualification assessment procedure is different in each contry. If your qualification is not approved, you may have to get it assessed by the relevant assessing authority.
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