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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

The new UK post-study work visa is open for eligible applicants to apply from 1st July 2021.

The visa path is now available for applications, allowing international students who have graduated from UK universities to apply for the right to work in the UK for up to two years.

To stay on the Graduate Route, you don't have to be employed, and there are no restrictions on the type of work you can undertake. There are no restrictions on the type of employment you can do, and there is no minimum wage requirement. You can hunt for work for as long as you choose, and you can leave or move jobs without affecting your visa.The Graduate Route will not have a limit on the number of visa holders under this stream.

Over 56,000 Indian nationals were given student visas last year, a 13% rise over the previous year. International graduates must have completed an authorized programme at a UK higher education provider and have a track record of conforming to UK immigration laws to be eligible for a post-study work visa.

Policy about the partner and children as dependents under this visa category

If you had brought your partner and children to the UK as your ‘dependents' on your current Student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa, they are eligible to apply to stay as dependants on your Graduate visa.

Legislation and policy about immigration in the UK change quite often. Please make sure that you check the website of the UK Home Office for changes that may be applicable to you.

We at Fortune Immigration and Education provide updates on immigration and much more to prospective immigrants and international students. Please contact us for more details.

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