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India No More to be in the UK's "Red" Travel List

Indian travellers can take a sigh of relief because the UK uplifted India from the 'red' list and moved it to the 'amber' list. This means fully vaccinated travellers will no longer have to follow 10 days of mandatory hotel quarantine from August 8. The thrilling update was announced by Grant Shapps MP, the UK transport secretary, on his Twitter account that states, "UAE, Qatar, India and Bahrain will be moved from the Red list to the Amber list. All changes come into effect Sunday 8th August at 4 am." Under this new change, Indian passengers, who got the UK approved vaccination, can be quarantined at home or any location of their choice for 10 days.

This is great news for students and other travellers wishing to visit the UK for different purposes who were looking for ease in the travel norms. However, a Covid test 3 days prior to the departure is necessary. Also, the passengers need to book two compulsory Covid tests in advance that will take place upon arrival. One of the Covid tests has to be done within 2 days of arrival at the quarantine location confirmed by the passenger while the second one must be done on or after eight-day of quarantine.

India was a part of the UK's Red List from 23rd April which required all the Indian travellers to compulsory go for a managed hotel quarantine for 10 days. The news has come as a big relief for people planning to travel to England in the near future.

Legislation and policy about immigration and travel to the UK change quite often. Please make sure that you check the website of the UK Home Office for changes that may be applicable to you.

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